10 Commandments of Investing

“If you’ve gone and gotten a Ph.D. and spent several years learning tough mathematics, to have to come back to this is like studying for the priesthood and then finding out that the Ten Commandments were all you needed.” –Warren Buffet

In my university days there was this friend who was fond of denoting complex equations as an ‘orchestra’. It was always so hilarious how he said it; and (more…)

8 Tips for Intelligent Speculation

Cracking the Stock Market Code: Intelligent Speculation
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“October: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.” ― Mark Twain, American author and humorist

In the markets, everyone who buys or sells securities, irrespective of what she buys, or why he buys them, or at what price they pay for such securities, or whether with own funds or borrowed is regarded as an investor–this is a misnomer! Buying and owning stocks in a number of companies may not necessarily make you an investor any more than owning a piano makes one a pianist. (more…)

How To Think About Market Fluctuations

How to think about market fluctuations“Why can’t stocks prices just go up, stay up, and keep going up? Must they come down, sometimes making you lose over 50 percent of the value of your portfolio?” This is one of the questions I get from people about the workings of the stock market—one I personally have thought about and resolved earlier in my investing journey. It is a very important question. A quick answer would be: ever heard of anything that went up and never came down (barring the prices of goods and services in Nigeria)? Anything that goes up and never comes down is headed for the inevitable—disappearance, which is worse than a crash. (more…)

Creating Wealth Off Your ‘Allowee’

NYSCCongratulations on your call-up to the National Youth Service Corps. As a Corps member (or awaiting call-up), you don’t have to wait till you pass out; land a lucrative job before you start planning for your retirement. Thirty years from today may look like a long time for you, but in reality it’s nearer than you could imagine, and you cannot afford to doodle away any more. That’s why you have to capitalize on the greatest resource available to you as a Millennial–time–to secure your financial future.

How to Make Money in Cryptocurrencies

Making Money in Cryptocurrencies
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Cryptos have proved so far to be a worthwhile asset-class for investors who are willing to believe in the power of change—the Internet, ideas and innovation—for great returns on investment over the long term. The rewards for those who were brave enough to buy into the bitcoins concept back then—when they were valued at just about $0.10 each—has been astronomical. 

At about the time the world was just recovering from an economic melt-down, when I was developing the first edition of Cracking the Stock Market Code… back then in 2008/2009, I stumbled on some article online about bitcoins (BTC) being the new digital gold. (more…)